What is my size?

—A Nail Sizing Kit is available to purchase for $6
—You may size your own nails in mm and send the correct measurements - use sizing chart for reference.
—Sizing info is usually needed only for CUSTOM orders. Please send the correct measurement for each finger (thumb to pinky) if not all your nails fit sizes XS, S, M, L 

**ROUND UP (ex. if it's 4.5mm then 5mm should be good). A smaller size cannot be fixed, a bigger size can be filed to ensure it fits.**

Please be certain that you send the right sizes as there is no refund or exchanges.

A sizing kit is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to get a perfect fit.


Are the press ons reusable?

Yes, if you take good care of them during the removal process! If you prefer nail glue as your choice of adhesive, I suggest purchasing an inexpensive electric nail drill to gently buff away any build up of glue on the back before it is reused.


How do I adhere my press ons?

Nail glue - can stay on for about 1-2 weeks. Make sure to prep your nails well to ensure longer, lasting wear.

Nail adhesives - can stay on up to 1-2 days. This option is for temporary wear.

You can use both together to ensure long lasting wear and prevent it from randomly popping off.

*Nail glue and adhesives are NOT included with your setNail prep kits are available as an add-on.


Why do they look a little different?

Some products will vary slightly on appearance. They are handmade so it will not always look exactly the same, however we will try our best to make it look as true to the picture as possible.